Surada NAC

Surada is a Vidhan Sabha constituency of Ganjam district, Odisha. Area of this constituencies include Surada NAC, Belaguntha NAC, Surada Block and Belaguntha Block.

Smart and Clean Surada

To achieve a more sustainable and livable city by improving the quality of life of its citizens and ensure that all available resources function are optimized efficiently through technology.

A solution was needed to enhance the availability and functionality of the city’s resources such as easy availing of different services of the NAC, Addressing Grievances, Keeping the stakeholders well informed, proper accountability, feedback to ensure quality works are delivered. Implement a scalable system that enables the integration of new city processes and facilities.

The city has optimised all its services via a cloud based digital platform “SAFA” to help reach right to the stakeholders in a click. The Platform ensures connectivity between existing and future systems, as well as scalability to adapt to the needs of the city. It allows seamless management in real-time of tailored-made applications via a centralized control system.


Download SAFA App

Smart city, Good governance and speedy development can only be achieved when people join hands with the administration and with Safa app will act as a medium to achieve this. Each and every person can take part in cleaning the city and also can report mischievous acts so that the law and administration of the whole Ganjam district will be enforced in the right direction. If you want to help your city be tagged as Smart City then you have to be smart first

We are committed for a Better Surada

Will deliver value to all the stakeholders and attain excellence and leadership through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the stakeholders in all activities related to us.

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With all the latest happenings in Surada

  • Save Water20 July, 2021

    We have to preserve every drop of water. Some Roof Top Water Harvesting Projects constructed under MUKTA in Surada NAC. Lets come together and #SaveWater

  • Ama Sahara App09 July, 2021

    Executive Officer, Surada NAC has paid the user fees for Solid Waste Managemrnt for one year in Ama Sahara app and got discount of two months. All owners are requested to pay the User fees towards contribution for your Municipality.

  • Recreation Point04 July, 2021

    A garbage dumping point converted into a place of recreation. Now people especially the Sr Citizens can and enjoy the evening at Ankorada of Surada NAC.